Reddit goes remote


Stefan Kanev

01 November 2020


Reddit: the 17th most visited website. If you don't live in Indonesia, China, Russia, or India (where it's blocked), you've likely visited it at some point. Remote developers can find whole subreddits, devoted to various programming languages: r/javascript, r/python, etc. etc. The thing is: it's vast! We at RemoteМore have a professional interest in the latest news, related to this social platform. And yes, you probably guessed it: Reddit is going remote!

Recently, the company announced that it's going 100% remote. And that all its employees are receiving equal pay, no matter where they live. This is very important, especially for its US workforce. Instead of getting paid on the basis of where they live, all the wages of the staff are now equal to those in NYC and SF. For example, you can live at your uncle's ranch in Nebraska but instead of tipping cows, you can now work for Reddit and receive the same salary as if you lived in San Francisco.

During the spring of 2020, at Reddit they saw, that switching to remote work, didn't actually hinder their business. Now, with the ever-changing situation worldwide due to the ongoing health crisis, the company goes fully remote. We've already covered some of the reasons to hire remotely and what the benefits of remote work are. Let's see how Reddit sees those and what are they altering.

The best thing, obviously, is that they can employ everyone from everywhere, even you. This way they can work with the very best people. And the very best people can work with them. Without the hustle of moving. Furthermore, the company can optimize its brick-and-mortar HQ and essentially "recycle" their physical space and turn it into something more useful. Reddit can now also get onboard people with very different intrinsic values: freedom, work-life balance, digital nomads by heart, etc. Of course, you won't have small talk in the canteen. But let's face it: if you are reading the current article or if you are an avid Redditor, you're probably not interested in that anyway.

We at RemoteMore will keep a close look over Reddit's permanent transmission to a remote workplace and will inform you how it goes. Maybe we will learn something from them.

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