Slack is sold to Salesforce. Our home has a new owner.


Stefan Kanev

08 December 2020


We at Remotemore are true to our passion: empowering people to not work from office cubicles. Therefore most of our internal communication needs a place to happen. This place is Slack.

We live there, meet there, talk there and laugh there. It has been our home and our office for a while now. However, it has a new owner now -- the behemoth Salesforce.

Why did Salesforce acquire Slack? Because the platform, albeit being wildly popular among the remote workers, was both still unprofitable and faced severe competition from others (primarily MS Teams in the profitable enterprise segment). Salesforce can push Slack to the Enterprise accounts that they have - and this is a massive synergy between the two companies.

Therefore, Salesforce backed up Slack. Additionally, the new Salesforce Customer 360 will use Slack as its interface. This way the end-user will not only have a 360 degrees view of their customers but will also have incredible user-friendly tools based on Slack.

Is the tech community affected by the deal? Yes and no. Yes, we will have the broad back of Salesforce behind Slack, making sure that we can continue using it without any issues. And yes, at RemoteMore we will continue using Slack as our main communication channel.

If you as a manager were unsure about which platform to use for intranet communication, now is the moment to adopt Slack (especially if your sales department uses Salesforce). While you are at it, browse the several thousands of prescreened developer profiles on our marketplace. Most of them are surely well-versed in using Slack. :-)