Salary Calculator... For remote developers.


Stefan Kanev

17 January 2021


In the past, we've already covered the question about what salary to ask for as a remote developer. The answer was: research, estimations, and wild guesses, where you do all of those. However, just like an ugly duckling, we've evolved into a swan. Leave your den, come to the park and feed us bread!

In return, we'll give you a Remote Developer Salary Calculator.

Here's how it works:

  • Go to 👉 👈 and get started with the sign-up process. If you are here only to estimate what salary to ask, that's fine: we are not here only to steal your e-mail and spam you endlessly. On the contrary: we are here to help you. You don't even need to complete your profile in order to reach the salary calculator itself (it's the 4th step of the process). Of course, all developers are more than welcome to sign up, if they want to find a remote job.

  • Fill in the general info, like your name, your location, a nice picture, etc. Upon moving on, you can provide links to your website, LinkedIn profile, and your work experience, both remotely and on-site. Then choose your skills and be honest about them. There's no point in telling that you have 15 years of experience in Go when it was officially released 11 years ago etc.

  • Check out the calculator itself! It now knows enough about you to compare you to 4700+ other developers. It will give you the most realistic numerical estimate with a variation range. Armed with this information, prepare for your remote job interview and ace it! We wish you the best of luck finding your dream job.

As far as we know, this is the only remote salary calculator that covers ALL countries, and probably it is the most accurate one.

On the other hand, if you are an HR specialist, searching for a new developer, look no further. You can also use the salary calculator, and get a deeper understanding of what salary to offer to your new hires. You may even be in for a surprise.

In case your budget is set into stone, browse among the thousands of remote developers registered with us. We are proud of the developers who are part of our marketplace.