Lockdown is not remote work


Stefan Kanev

06 February 2021


If you stumbled on our blog, we’ll assume that you’re either a remote developer or passionate about working remotely.

And why wouldn’t you be? It’s all about freedom, flexibility, and coworking spaces where you meet interesting people and weird IPA brands. It’s about work-life balance. It can even be about taking better care of your cat. Or about something completely different; it is up to you!

But there are some, who think quite differently from you. Some who cannot understand how them being stranded at home is different from you who enjoy not being at the office. Hell, there are even some Managers and HRs who still harbor these misconceptions. To disperse these, let’s see why some people are not fond of working remotely.

How likely is it that you hate being forced to do something against your will? Very? We understand. During a global pandemic, many businesses are forced into the home office paradigm. Yes, it is out of concern for the health of the employees. Yes, it is a global problem. But people are starting to be miserable from all this isolation.

Locked down at home for a long period of time and expected to be as productive as always… Some people are losing their passion to live, let alone to work. Do you have a pile of empty wine bottles/beer bottles in the corner to keep you company? Does sporadically taking a shower drain all your energy? We hope you haven’t reached this stage yet. But some are already there and have been like that for a while.

Now couple this with any monitoring software, which tracks what you do on your computer. You can’t even check how your small YouTube channel, devoted to baking sourdough, is doing. We mean, yes you can, but then your supervisor will likely want to know why weren’t you doing the usual office stuff.

The real remote work has nothing to do with this. It gives you the freedom to dispose of your time the way you want, as long as you do your job according to the agreed timeline. You want to waste your day gaming online, take a nap, and complete your tasks in the afternoon? In the more mature remote companies, that is fine. Work is happening asynchronously.

Also, your home is probably your castle. But all the castle dwellers eventually get bored without getting out of their confines. And that’s another problem. If you are a native to the world of remote developers and digital nomads, your castle is the world. It has no boundaries.

You can work from a secluded forest hut right after picking wild mushrooms for your lunch stew. You can (responsibly) drink a Mojito on the beach while writing the code for your company’s new payment system. You can be wherever you want. And do with your time whatever you want. Did you do your job? Yes? Great! But those who are forced to work from home during the pandemic, unfortunately, cannot do it.

Luckily, we at Remotemore can help those, who are stranded at home, especially if they are well versed in some programming languages. Maybe we can even do it tomorrow. All you need to do is create a strong profile on our marketplace, which companies and recruiters can then browse.

Still doubtful? Check out the success stories on our website. You shouldn’t hate remote work. And we will show you how!