How to be a successful remote employee


Boris Borisov

02 July 2019


Remote work, as we have discussed previously, is on the rise with many work branches seeking to employ more workers on remote basis. As we have established in previous blog posts, there is undeniably a lot of advantages for employers in remote work. In the same way, employees also stand to gain from such an arrangement. If you are interested in knowing more about which industries offer prominent remote positions, check out’s blog post to get inspired.

We have talked about the reasons why one would want to work remotely, as well as reasons why such work might not be the most suitable. In today’s blog installment we will give you our advice on how to make sure you are both satisfied and accomplished in this way of working.

How and where do you work best?

Often people equate “working remotely” with “working from home”. However, that does not have to be the case. If you are a remote worker you can virtually work from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection and your equipment. If you are more of an introvert who enjoys working in solitude, it is possible that working from the comfort of your home is the best way to go about it. But what if you are an extrovert and you find socialising with people important and exciting? If that is the case, it might be sensible for you to look into other options such as working from a café or a public library where you can still get to have a conversation with other people during your breaks or even make new friendships. It is also possible for you to work while traveling, so long as you have a stable internet connection and reliable equipment.

In any case there are a few things to consider upon deciding on a “workplace”:

· Make sure you create a routine for yourself: If you work from home that might involve getting up at the same hour every day and getting dressed in office attire or just an appointed work outfit, having a cup of coffee or going for a run before you start. It is a good idea to have a good schedule with factoring in coffee breaks and lunch hour even if you are not leaving the house. Make sure to appoint a place in your home that is reserved for work and makes you feel comfortable

· Take noise into consideration: If you work in a space with a lot of people, such a café, you have to figure out if you are in fact able to work regardless of the noise around you. Naturally, noise canceling headphones would always be a good investment for a remote worker

· Speaking of equipment, it is a good idea to separate your personal devices from your work ones. We covered the security advantages of such a decision, however, it might also prove to help you “begin” and “conclude” your workday without being tempted to use work hours for personal communication or vice versa

· Following our advice, you should always prioritise having a stable and reliable internet connection available, even on the go. Avoid making use of public networks for work purposes.

Figure out where your difficulties lie

Usually, there would be two categories of remote workers. The first will be the ones who have difficulty concentrating solely on work when they are in their own home. Do not be immediately discouraged if you face such hardship in the beginning of your remote employment. Try to establish a routine as described above and also consider planning your day by the hour. You can use an online calendar such as the Google Calendar or make use of a pen and paper planner. When you have factored all the tasks that need to get done by the hour, you will be less likely to get disorganised and end up not accomplishing your work goals for the day.

The second category of remote workers is the exact opposite. They might find themselves immersing into their work to an extent where they would find it difficult to end the workday, have a lunch break or not check their work email after work hours. By creating a schedule on what time you will work and following it, you will not allow yourself to do job-related tasks after certain hours and set them aside for your family or for self-care instead.

Try to create relationships with your colleagues

Even though your work colleagues will not be in the same place as you, it is a good idea to make an effort to get to know them and create meaningful relationships with them. Since communication is very important in a remote workplace, being more aware of who you are working with and what their own working style is greatly beneficial. In addition, creating a headspace in which you can be honest with your team about any hurdles you need to go through can overall benefit your work projects together.

In conclusion, in order to be successful and happy in a remote work position you have to establish organisation and create rituals for yourself so that you reach your personal and professional goals. With these in place, you can enjoy the benefits of working remotely to the fullest.

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Written by Trayana Milcheva. I am the newest addition to the RemoteMore team. I became interested in remote work during my HR studies and am pleased to have the opportunity to work with such aspiring young entrepreneurs.