Google employees who work remotely may face pay cuts without any real reason


Stefan Kanev

11 August 2021


Google announced that they may cut the pay of employees who work from home. This is sad news for the remote community.

Does it matter where you work from, if you still produce the same, or in many cases better, results? We at Remotemore know that it doesn’t.

But why does this happen? Why reduce the pay of people if you could totally afford to pay them in full until now? It’s not like Google is facing tough time during the pandemic. Furthermore, the company developed a calculator of sorts, which “helps” you estimate how much you will get paid, depending on where you live. This sounds similar to our own salary calculator for remote developers. However, there’s a catch. Google will also reduce your current pay, depending on where you live. Forbes pints out that the cut may be as low as 5%, if you move to e.g. the suburbs of the same city. Reuters, however, received information from a whistleblower, stating that they faced 25% reduction of their salary by moving to a different city.

We at Remotemore were shocked by the news and our CEO Boris Krastev bitterly said:

“The message is clear: come back to the office or face a reduction in your salary.”

Then Boris Borisov, CTO at RemoteMore, suspected:

“Google doesn’t want to lose valuable cadres, so they still offer remote work, however they prefer the people to be in the office, probably for tighter control.”

Speaking about being in the office, it turns out that some companies purposefully offer huge incentives for coming back to the brick-and-mortar headquarters: lavish buffets, food or Amazon vouchers and other material stimuli. This usually is not officially communicated to the employees either.

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