Get hired as a remote developer - how to make the best video for your RemoteMore profile


Stefan Kanev

30 July 2021


When you register as a remote developer with RemoteMore, there’s an option to upload a video of yourself. Having the otherwise optional video presentation puts your profile in the top of the search results for the respective queries of the recruiters on our marketplace. So, why not upload such a helpful addition to your profile?

However, we promise you that not every video presentation will work miracles. Just like your flawless code, the video presentation has to be flawless. How to make it so? Here’s our expert advice:

1. Clothing

Dress for the occasion. Yes, it isn’t even a real interview. But the video itself can lead to one. Therefore, choose your outfit smartly. Firstly, get dressed. Yes, you read this correctly. The recruiters will likely not care whether or not it’s 110 degrees (43 Celsius) at your place. Or if your air con broke the day before. Being shirtless is almost never cool. Especially when trying to get hired.

A suit and a tie will not always do the job either. They might if you go to a face-to-face meeting. For recording a video of yourself, a simple t-shirt will probably do the job. However, be mindful of the logo (if any) on the t-shirt. Wearing a torn up gown of your favorite Norwegian black metal band might not be the best. One that says “Python master race” or something similar will be perfect for the occasion.

2. Background

Please, and we really mean it, please don’t make it weird. Wearing a green body suit against a green screen. Using all the filters in the world. Having your empty beer bottles collection visible. Maybe even BTS posters. All of these are totally not cool. We are also aware that on the internet they sell cardboard backgrounds and whatnot. Don’t even think about those.

Instead, position yourself at home. Put some personal belongings (seemingly not on purpose) in the background. Why? Because it shows who you are and what your interest are. This may help the recruiter to take the decision about actually calling you for an interview. A model of the Millennium Falcon made out of Lego shows that you are not only nerdy but also creative. A framed picture of you and your dog trekking in the mountains shows that you are outgoing and possibly extrovert (And also all the other features that a dog person might have. We at RemoteMore root for Team Feline). Finally don’t take this tip too zealously. Don’t show the recruiters a clutter of personal belongings. One or two will be enough.

3. Picture and sound quality

Making the video presentation with your phone is absolutely ok. Nobody will expect you to have a professionally shot video CV on our marketplace. Don’t make it wobble though. Don’t walk, jump or run. Sit down and set your phone statically maybe on your desk. Follow the guidelines about the background from above.

Additionally, make sure that the lighting is good. If your face is dimly lit by the light of your screen while everything else is dark, it might look like you live in a dungeon. Of if your surroundings are too bright, the recruiters won’t be able to see anything except your face. Also, it is irritating to watch something too bright – it feels like staring directly into the sun. This is why 9GAG has a dark mode.

The sound is also important. You are trying to sell yourself as the coding genius, who a certain company needs. You need to be able to tell them this and they need to be able to hear it clearly. Speaking to the in-build mic of your laptop might not always produce the results you hoped for. Even your phone headset will likely do better. In case you have any gaming headset (let’s be honest you probably do), use it. Even the low tier gaming headsets and mics will produce a good quality sound. Don’t be bothered to show on a video with it.

4. Bonus tip: peer review

After recording the video for your RemoteMore profile take a look at it. Watch it a couple of times. Do you think you nailed it? Yes? Awesome! Now ask your peers for feedback. Even if you are a workaholic like us and have no friends at all, ask your family. Your wacky uncle might give some useful advice.

In case you have no one to ask for a peer review, you can always send the video to us and ask us for a professional opinion before uploading it to your profile. We’ll do our best to answer in good time. If you followed the steps we mentioned here, your video will probably be good enough for you to land the dream developer job with the help of RemoteMore.

In conclusion

Be your best self. Do not get bothered if English is not your mother tongue. Be confident while speaking. Be nice. Be good in what you do.

In case you are not a developer but a recruiter, these are the things which you should be aware of while hiring remote developers and checking their profiles in our marketplace.