Boris Borisov - RemoteMore CPO & Co-founder


Stefan Kanev

13 November 2020


We've already covered the background of Boris Krastev, the CEO of RemoteMore. We discussed the reasons behind his drive for excellence. But every Yin needs a Yang. Every cappuccino needs its milk. And every startup founder needs its co-founder. In this article, we will introduce you to Boris Borisov: CPO and co-founder of RemoteMore.

Both co-founders are weirdly similar: both bear the same name, both come from small Bulgarian towns on the banks of the Danube River, both went to study in Denmark. They met in 2015 while working on their bachelor projects. But those similarities are misleading. The two major forces behind RemoteMore are vastly different. And here is how.

Boris Borisov is the epitome of a level-headed person. In comparison to him, the tree ents from LOTR seem hasty, Mr. Meriadoc. He likes numbers and he loves crunching numbers, which combined with his relaxed attitude helps him to cope with the dynamic life in RemoteMore.

Despite being on the introverted side, Boris Borisov is an easy-going individual, who can make a conversation less awkward just by participating in it. He also fares great under pressure. These qualities make him perfect for a product manager, which, among others, is his main role. Speaking of interpersonal relations, he likes those, despite typically being the passive part of such an exchange. He avoids conflicts and takes feedback with an open mind and heart. Thus, feel free to spam him with anything, even mildly related to the RemoteMore platform and services. He'll always hear you and employ his other superpower: taking immediate action in order to solve problems, where giving up is never an option. Having in mind that he doesn't even drink coffee, his endless unrelenting drive for perfection remains a mystery.

In the good ol' days in Denmark, before RemoteMore's HQ was moved to Germany, he used to be a physically active economist, however strange this may sound. He trained Karate and Krav Maga, possibly because even the number lovers need some form of mental venting. So, beware of the glasses-wearing nerds in Berlin: one of them might be him.

For good or bad, nowadays Boris Borisov has succumbed to his other personal interests: pancakes, reading, 9GAG, and Heroes of the Storm. If you don't find him on LinkedIn or by e-mail, he'll probably either be dead, sleeping, or engulfed in one of his hobbies. Because even Product Managers need a meme or two to crack a smile or, in some instances, to pwn toxic newbies online. 

Before contacting him with ideas, suggestions, or weird questions, create your profile on RemoteMore. Or you can write to him and ask for developer profiles that match your needs, in case you are a business representative. You can also browse the thousands of pre-screened candidates, whose dream job might be to work remotely for your company.