7 unexpected facts about working remotely


Stefan Kanev

20 August 2021


We’ve discussed the benefits of remote work many times before. However most of them are more or less expected, e.g. flexibility, adaptability, cost reductions, etc.

This time we dug deeper and found some unexpected facts about working remotely and compiled it in a list, which we’d love to share with you.

1. It is good for the environment

By working remotely we avoid the daily commute to the office and back. Yes, this saves money. It also reduces our CO2 footprint on the environment. For example, if 1 million people suddenly stop commuting to their brick-and-mortar offices, the amount of greenhouse gases emissions will drop with the equivalent of removing 150 000 cars from the streets.

2. You can save between 7000 and 11000 USD a year

As our colleagues from TECLA found out you can save up to 7000USD a year by working remotely. And it is not only the commuting. These sums are also accumulated by saving up on childcare, clothing, food and more. TECLA also found out that if you are an employer, your savings can go even higher and reach 11 000 USD per staff member. This includes overhead costs, rent, facility maintenance, etc.

3. Remote employees are more engaged

Five years ago the Americans who worked remotely and primarily telecommuted, reported that they feel 60-80 per cent more engaged in their jobs. This was due to the independence, flexible working hours, the better work-life balance and the lack of physical commute.

4. Working remotely is a productivity boost

A recent survey showed that only 7% of the employees feel more productive in the office. Contrary to that 51% said that they work best from home. 8% did great while in a library, coffee shop or a coworking space.

5. People who work remotely are well educated

Many jobs, which can be done from home, do not require a college degree. Even if you are a remote developer, you can be a self taught individual and not have an IT engineering degree. However, the Global Workforce Analytics report shows that 53% of the remote workers have at least an undergrad degree.

6. Remote work increases diversity

Since the talent pool for remote jobs is truly global, you can boost your company’s diversity by hiring people from all around the globe, from all genders, races and castes. This will contribute to a dynamic, productive and wholesome workplace, which, in turn, will also increase productivity.

7. Remote jobs mean less missed days

You know how you need to stay home in order not to spread a mini pandemic at work when sick? Well, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found out that workers who don't feel well enough to go out or to the office, but are still in a good state and can work, can and will stay productive.

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